The Emotional Rollercoaster that is COVID-19

Trying to process everything that is going on right now is like being on a rollercoaster. In a single day I am liable to experience anger, fear, faith, happiness, sadness, hope, confusion and so many other emotions. It’s exhausting. If you are feeling the same way(s) then let me tell you…

First off, it’s okay. Whatever it is that you’re feeling, it’s valid . This is a lot and it’s affecting us and the world in ways we probably didn’t really or seriously anticipate.

Second, I encourage you to use this time to self-reflect, educate yourself, meditate, pray, tap into your creative side, discover. By no means am I saying that this pandemic is good, but it is forcing us to slow down and you are able to choose what you do with this time.

Third, appreciate and be grateful for any moments big or small that bring laughter and happiness.

Here’s some small tips that I have for maintaining wellness during this time:

TAKE A BREAK FROM SOCIAL MEDIA AND THE NEWS. I feel most of the emotional rollercoaster I’ve been on comes from me scrolling through twitter/instagram. There’s so much breaking news, information, thoughts, and opinions that can be hard to keep up with, let alone process. Give your mind a break.

STIMULATE YOUR MIND. Not just with Netflix shows either. It’s important to find other stimulating things to do like read, color, draw, do puzzles, write, learn about something new.

TALK TO SOMEONE. My fellow introverts, this may come as a surprise, but we do need connection. It’s a core part of being human. Social distancing is needed right now but that doesn’t mean you can’t call, text, face-time your family, friends, and loved ones.

GO OUTSIDE. Even if it’s just on your balcony/patio or you take a walk to your mailbox and back. We need fresh air and sun.

BUILD UP THAT IMMUNE SYSTEM. Vitamins, fruits, vegetables, supplements… you name it.

Of course these small tips won’t solve all of our problems, but they can help.

Wishing you all peace, happiness, and health.

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